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Into The Wilderness with Byron Pace

Jul 9, 2020

My interview today is with Catherine E. Semcer, a research fellow at the Property and Environment Research Centre. Most of her work there focuses on rights and market-based solutions to policy challenges in environmental security, conservation finance and sustainability. This really is a deep dive into the cogs which make conservation work, and by cogs, I mean how we fund conservation. We look at the interplay between private and public land ownership, how these models work and the complexities of migration corridors cutting across different types of land use (an issue we are dealing with in deer management right now in the UK). We go on to discuss incentivizing conservation in the public good, and how important knowledge exchange is between countries. Towards the middle of the show we dig into the global wildlife trade and what we mean by that, and how harnessing regulated trade can help address social inequality and prevent viral spillovers into humans. We touch on carbon credits, clean water initiatives and the consequences of potential new regulations on wildlife products in California.

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