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Into The Wilderness with Byron Pace

Nov 30, 2016

Disclaimer- We have not been paid to talk about or advertise any of these products this is our own opinions.

On this December special show, we bring you products that either Darryl or Byron use or have used! We talk about hunting gear, knives , Food, Camping Gear, the latest thermal imaging and hunting watch, books and...

Nov 17, 2016

A long-awaited podcast with head of membership, marketing and communications from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Andrew Gilruth. We tackle the big question of driven grouse; the benefits as well as negatives of the associated management. We don’t stop there. We talk on woodcock, hare, Chris Packham,...

Nov 3, 2016

This week we have Adam Janke editor in Chief of the Journal of mountain hunting and host of the Beyond the Kill podcast. We get the background of Adams life and learn how the Journal and the podcast was born. We go into the new craze of hunter athletes as well as looking at clothing systems on the mountains.

Visit the...