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Into The Wilderness with Byron Pace

Mar 21, 2019

To kick start this weeks show we have Sir David Attenborough talking about the year of the Salmon and the challenges this keystone species faces. We were lucky enough to work with him in London to make a film for Salmon and Trout conservation. For the rest of the show we are back home in Scotland, talking with Mark...

Mar 7, 2019

In our second show recorded in Montana, we are joined by international fishing guide and professional photographer Brett Seng (@brettsengphoto). Laid back, easy talking, we had a blast chatting with Brett about the twists and turns of his career, from guide to photographer, and dig deep into the moral maze of the...

Mar 1, 2019

We close this American tour with this final episode with Byron and Darryl ! Do not fear we will be bringing out the podcasts we have recorded over the next few months.

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