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Into The Wilderness with Byron Pace

Jun 29, 2016

This week we have our first ever return guest, and until quite recently the most downloaded guest of all time. We are Joined by David Carsten Pederson discussing his recent trip to ULFBORG with Byron, as well as talking about selecting the correct bullet & ballistics for ethical hunting and why we should all ‘train as...

Jun 15, 2016

Interviewing a break through film maker and adventurer, this week we bring you Mike Day followed by Laura Bingham. Mike has recently released his ground breaking documentary based around the Faroe Islands community, whale hunting, Gannet hunting and the shifting dynamic between culture, heritage and...

Jun 2, 2016

Everything you need to know about Airgun licencing in Scotland in one easy place.

Jun 2, 2016

Jam packed with goodness we start this weeks show by speaking with Alex Stoddart, director of SACS, explaining exactly what you need to know about with regard to the new air gun licensing in Scotland. We announce the winners of last weeks competition, give you a chance win some Caldwell ear defenders, and take you to...