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Into The Wilderness with Byron Pace

Feb 21, 2019

On this weeks show we bring you our first guest from our trip to the USA. We bring you Ben o'Brein for the second time on our show straight from the Meateater studio. On this show we discuss North America Conservation, Hunting In the World as well many other great topics. 


We have also launched our Panglion auction...

Feb 11, 2019

Byron and Darryl continue there adventures across the USA. Seattle is rounded off by two days spent with long term podcast listener and Kings County Sheriff dog handler Devon Stratton. We then drive to Montana, kicked off with a trip to Yellowstone National Park.


Feb 7, 2019

Back by popular Demand, Sam Thompson returns to the show. Always a great conversation, we spin off on a variety of tangents. Beginning with the use of safety equipment on the hills, our chat drifts into rewilding and the role of organisations in the future of hunting and public education. Entertaining and...

Feb 6, 2019

We asked if you wanted short shows from out trip to the USA with the two of us and you overwhelmingly said yes! So here we are, the first show from the USA.